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Salary of a Nutritionist in Tennessee

Nutritionist Salaries in Tennessee

A career as a professional nutritionist in Tennessee is quite secure as the demand for these professionals is expected to continue to increase over the next decade.  The nation’s focus on health and improving the quality of life for its citizens has prompted Medicare to provide coverage for nutrition therapy and nutrition consultation.  This has opened up many jobs in this healthcare field within Tennessee and helps ensure the continued respect and demand for formally trained nutritionists.

Choosing an area of specialization in nutrition will go far towards ensuring job security and increasing the level of pay one receives. Nutritionists are becoming more specialized in specific areas of nutrition and health.  Some of the areas of specialization included clinical nutrition, which involves working with doctors and patients in the development of food plans. Another route to consider is specialization in pediatric nutrition, which involves meal planning and development for school lunches. There is also a huge demand for nutritionists in assisted-care facilities and nursing homes in Tennessee as the elderly often have very specific dietary requirements

To give an idea of the average salary for a nutritionist in Tennessee, here are some examples from the larger cities in the state:

Memphis, Tennessee - $46,000
Nashville, Tennessee - $49,000
Knoxville, Tennessee - $53,000
Chattanooga, Tennessee - $47,000
Clarksville, Tennessee - $50,000
Murfreesboro, Tennessee - $49,000

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