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Salary of a Nutritionist in Washington

Nutritionist Salaries in Washington

Celebrity diets are always big news and there is rising concern over what is actually in the foods we eat every day. Someone looking for a career change that already has leadership skills can get minimum nutrition certification and easily crossover into this growing field. Popular titles are Nutrition Assistant or Director of Food & Nutrition. There are many part time positions available for registered or clinical dietician/nutritionists in Washington.

The average nutritionist salary in Washington is typically $40,000/per year for entry-level positions. These jobs will often ask for registration with the ADA as well as a state certificate. Internships and work-study opportunities are available in the larger cities of Spokane, Bellingham, Tacoma and Vancouver that offer pay consistent with the entry-level average in this state.

Here is some interesting salary information for nutritionist positions currently being offered in Washington:

  • Certified Educators - specializing in diabetes or clinical input are currently advertised at $25 – $28.00/per hour, which yields $48,000 - $52,000/per year
  • Food Administrator -  position calls for experience plus a degree in nutrition (or related field) earns $50,000/per year
  • Nutrition Generalist  -  providing nutrition services, can earn from $37,596 - $53,300/per year
  • Registered or Clinical Dietician $52,000 - $55,000/per year
  • Diet Technician $34,000 - $40,000/per year
  • Nutrition Department Director $86,962 - $130,443/per year

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