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Salary of a Nutritionist in West Virginia

Nutritionist Salaries in West Virginia

Health & wellness are hot topics not just in conventional medicine, but also in the preventative dietary means by which to ensure health and longevity. Tourism and travel-related businesses like hotels, resorts, and spas in West Virginia want to stay ahead of the pack too, and those that offer meal services are eager to retain professionals knowledgeable in nutrition science, diet, and exercise.

Thanks in part to Michelle Obama and her ‘Let’s Move’ initiative, many state and municipal government agencies are partnering with elementary school health programs to help make the services of certified or registered nutritionists widely available in the state of West Virginia. School lunch programs across the nation are under the highest scrutiny and are likely to undergo huge changes in the coming years. Nutritional standards for school lunches are being examined and nutritional content is being questioned. Experts expect a large rise in the need for health and diet specialists. Trained nutrionists in West Virginia will find they have a number of different specialized jobs to choose from.

West Virginia job postings show large earning potential can be found for nutritionists in the state.  Benefits packages, insurance benefits, possible travel and continuing education allowances are just a few of the perks that will be negotiated on top of a base nutritionist salary in West Virginia. Current job postings and associated salaries in the state include:

  • Registered Dietician - $70,000/per year
  • Nutrition Assistant - $40,000/per year
  • Nutrition Aide - $44,000/per year
  • Clinical Dietician - $ 65,000 - $73,000/per year
  • Health & Nutrition Sales - $55,000 - $130,000/per year

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