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Occupational Therapy Education Through the VA GI Bill

GI Bill Eligibility and Benefits For Occupational Therapy Training

The Montgomery, Post 9/11, and other GI Bill benefit programs provide a unique and invaluable opportunity for former, reserve, and active military service men and women and their families to get the training necessary to become professional occupational therapists and occupational therapist assistants. You or your next of kin can enjoy the satisfaction and stability of occupational therapist careers through the VA GI Bill:

  • GI Bill benefits are transferrable to the children or spouse of US military service men and women who agree to invest a total of 10 years in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard if actively serving after August 2009. Benefits can be transferred after six years of service with an additional four-year commitment.
  • All costs associated with occupational therapy schools tuition and related fees are covered for active military service men and women. A graduated portion is paid based on time in service for former military service men and women. With the Post 9/11 GI Bill the VA pays benefits directly to your school.
  • A housing allowance is provided through the GI Bill while you train to become an occupation therapist or advance your knowledge through specialty training. The stipend is assessed based on the location of the school being attended, but averages $1200 monthly nationwide.
  • GI Bill benefits cover the cost of books and other school supplies up to $1,000 yearly. Expect to receive a book and supply stipend of $41 per credit hour of occupational therapy and related subject training.
  • The GI Bill will cover AOTA and NBCOT certification exam fees.

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