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Cardiovascular Tech Salary in Ohio - OH

Average Cardio Technologist Salaries in Ohio

A cardiovascular tech salary in Ohio places cardiovascular technicians in the median for statewide earnings.  A cardiovascular technician in Ohio earns $52,000 per year, which is significantly more than their counterparts in other states, but also 18 percent less than their counterparts in states like New York, who make $63,000 on average.

Like any other professional, a cardiovascular technician in Ohio can expect his pay to be based on his qualifications and where he lives. Though the statewide average for the cardiovascular tech profession is $53,000, pay can increase or decrease in certain parts of the state. This can be due to a wide number of factors, including the average cost of living and consumer/business demand.

Cardiovascular tech salaries in Akron, OH, for example, can dip as low as $38,000 per year. This may seem relatively low, but Akron's cost of living is also 21.34 percent lower than the national average. But with a major medical center located at the heart of the city and a growing need for cardiovascular technicians, Akron residents are sure to find stable work in the cardiovascular tech profession.

Cardiovascular technicians in Toledo and Columbus, OH on the other hand, typically see an increase in their salaries. Though housing rates and the cost of living in these cities is about the same as Akron, these individuals can expect to earn $47,000–$50,000 on average. Increase in cardiovascular tech pay, therefore, may be due to consumer demand, applicant qualifications, and the presence of university hospitals.

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