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EKG Tech Salaries in Ohio - OH

Ohio EKG Tech Salaries

In 2009, the average hourly wage for EKG technicians in Ohio was $22.91, and the median EKG technician salary in Ohio was about $47,650 per year. It is, however, important to keep in mind that starting salaries for recent EKG program graduates are likely to be slightly lower because of inexperience. Still, about 75% of all EKG professionals in Ohio are earning roughly $15.59 per hour, and this is the type of salary new graduates can as they start out in their new career field.

A recent study found that about 25% of all EKG techs in Ohio make nearly $59,000 a year, while the top earning EKG professionals are making in the neighborhood of $68,000 a year. So, even though you may not start out earning top dollar, you should not feel discouraged. With just a few years of experience, you can see that there is the potential to earn a significant amount of money as an EKG tech in Ohio.

It is also important to measure the influence of geographic location. Here you will find some of the EKG tech salaries from different areas of Ohio:

  • Cincinnati: $44,620
  • Toledo: $50,590
  • Columbus: $43,400
  • Dayton: $45,770

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