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Gerontology Degrees in Ohio - OH

A gerontology degree in Ohio offers flexible options to the first-time college student pursuing a degree, or the returning student seeking to upgrade their skills. The educational programs for this field are structured in different ways. Gerontology degrees can be a stand-alone bachelor’s degree offering a general understanding of all aspects of aging. The can also be master degrees or doctorates preparing you for careers in teaching and research. And finally, a career in gerontology can be pursued by earning a certificate adjunct to a more specific degree in fields such as physical therapy, nutrition, or counseling.

Educational programs are available at traditional colleges and universities in Ohio or through distance learning and online schools. Because a degree specific to gerontology covers all aspects of human development, your expertise will be generalized rather than specific. These are some of the areas you will study that are directly connected to the human development and the aging process:

  • Biological Science in aging
  • Epidemiology in aging
  • Psychological and social changes due to aging
  • Attitudes in our culture and society about the process of aging
  • Care and services for the elderly
  • Multigenerational issues
  • Society and the aging demographics
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