Healthcare Administration Salary in Ohio - OH

Healthcare Administration Salary in Ohio - OH

Training in hot fields such as information technology, communications, or business management will be a great compliment to healthcare administration. For example, someone with an existing nursing degree in another state could get an Ohio degree in health administration and be a very hot commodity, earning more than $55,000 in the first year (according to an ad for community health nurse-supervisor, Dayton, OH).

A great job for a student is as a health technician in Columbus, OH earning $32,138 in the first year.  An opening for a health/wellness director (YMCA, Inc.) in Dover, OH advertises $28,000 - $30,000/year. This job, in addition to beefing up a resume when applying for healthcare administration positions, is diverse and rewarding. The salary package includes health benefits with a 10% retirement plan.

Chief of Staff positions in healthcare administration can bring in $150,000 each year plus retirement, vacation, comprehensive health coverage. All major positions will provide opportunities for continuing and further education and, in some cases, annual reviews with automatic cost of living adjustments.

Examples of current healthcare administration salaries in Ohio:

  • Medical Support Assistant – Columbus Metro area $32,000 - $41,766/year
  • Administrative officer – Cleveland, OH $56,981/year
  • Budget Analyst – Cleveland, OH $71,533/year
  • Management Analyst – Brecksville, OH $57,408-$97,330/year

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