Long Term Care Class in Ohio - OH

There are core knowledge areas in which all administrators of nursing homes are expected to be well versed, not just in Ohio but across the United States. They are tested on these areas at the end of long term care training in Ohio, during state and national examinations. While the state examinations test one’s knowledge of Ohio’s rules and statutes involving nursing homes, the national Nursing Home Administrators examination tests five areas of core knowledge common to all nursing home administrators. Long term care training in Ohio will include classes in these areas. 

Human resources is the first core knowledge area. It includes topics such as managing staff, understanding pay scale administration, understanding medical records management, and having knowledge of CAN training requirements. The second area is finance, and includes topics like understanding the difference between cash and financial statements, demonstrating a working knowledge of capital purchases and understanding Medicare and Medicaid systems. The third area tested is physical environment and atmosphere. This area involves knowledge of practices to control mold and water damage, ability to develop an equipment inventory, and knowledge of infection control practices. The fourth area is leadership and management, and includes knowledge of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), understanding the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) law and its application, and understanding federal regulations regarding the running of a nursing home. The fifth core knowledge area is resident care and quality of life, and involves understanding the roles the various departments (social services, dietary, etc) play in resident care, understanding the therapies offered to residents and understanding how a resident’s behavior and environment influence each other.

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