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How to Become a Medical Assistant in Ohio – OH

One can take many routes in becoming a medical assistant. By getting certified online or through Ohio medical assistant programs, you will have more opportunities if you gain a designation such as certification as it deems you worthy of employment. In Ohio you do not have to be certified but as the medical field continues to grow an increasing number of potential employers are looking to hire already trained and competent certified medical assistants that will have the ability to quickly integrate into there specific office environment. Also gaining certification will make you employable in any place and not just Ohio.

Medical office assistants can be certified (CMA) or registered (RMA) depending on the amount of time you desire to spend in school. You will have the ability to take the certification exam when you have completed a short, typically one year or less, course in medical assisting. To gain the registered medical assistant you will need to take a two-year associates degree program in medical assisting and will also need more extensive experiential training. You can take steps as early as high school to begin a career in medical assisting. Below are several steps you should take in order to become a medical assistant. It is important to understand that there are many pathways that can be taken into this career but the following list is considered the most direct route to gain certification and thereby be fully ready for employment.

  1. While in high school you will have the opportunity to take the classes that you will need to build a knowledge base necessary for a career as a medical assistant. Taking classes in health and biology as well as math will be important for you to be able to comprehend some of the more technical aspects of the field. Also as a practicing medical assistant you will be expected to be proficient with many uses of a computer including typing and databases so it is important to include these classes in your high school career.
  2. After completing a program online or one of the Ohio medical assistant programs including the hands-on training portions, you will then want to apply to take the certification examination. Contact the Ohio State Society of Medical Assistants as they can connect you with their larger parent organization, the American Association of Medical Assistants in order to apply for and then take the examination.
  3. You will be notified by the AAMA that you are eligible to take the examination and when/where the next testing will occur. Be prepared for a rigorous testing schedule.
  4. In Ohio you must have current training in CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) so if you need to gain that training then you will want to contact an Ohio affiliate of the American Heart Association. Maintaining a current CPR card as a practicing certified medical assistant is also a requirement of your profession.
  5. Finally after having met all the criteria and passing the national certification examination you are ready to start looking for a job as a certified medical assistant in Ohio. 6. Remember that to remain in good standing as a certified medical assistant you will want to complete the continuing education necessary every five years.

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