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Medical Office Manager Salary in Ohio – OH

Medical office managers in Ohio supervise the business operations of an assortment of medical facilities. As a manger, you may work in a small local doctor’s office in Columbus or a family clinic in Toledo. Many hospitals in larger Ohio cities such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron and Dayton have multiple levels of office managers, from entry-level to chief administrator. Each of these positions requires some form of management.  Their responsibilities are broad in scope and will vary based on the facility. The medical industry is a complicated, highly regulated field and it is also growing by leaps and bounds.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, supply cannot keep pace with the current demand in Ohio’s medical industry. The more people who enter this field, the more managers will be needed to supervise and keep offices organized, and running smoothly. The medical office manager salary in Ohio is as solid as its outlook. puts the annual average salary for an office manager at $47,000 a year. Of course this number will change in relationship to your position along with your place of employment. Another possible factor is your degree level. If you obtain a higher degree it is likely you will qualify for upper management promotions and an increased salary to go with it.

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