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Ohio Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Ohio Medical Technician Education and Degrees

Many schools in Ohio offer medical technician training programs, most of which are either 1 year or 2 years in duration. Be sure the school is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLA). To enrol, you need to posses at least a high school diploma or equivalent. The price of a medical technician-training program will vary depending on school, program length, housing options, and textbook/materials costs. Financial aid is often available to help ease the costs of tuition. Explore all your options.

Ohio medical technician training programs cover all the basics of laboratory work, including the correct usage of equipment, techniques for collecting and analyzing specimens, and laboratory safety. They also include instruction in

  • Pathology
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Laboratory mathematics…
  • And other scientific skills necessary for the job.

All this information is presented in classes that train aspiring “generalists�?-- those who want to work as a general medical lab tech.  If you’re interested in pursuing a speciality, there are some programs that offer greater focus on a certain facet of laboratory science, e.g., phlebotomy or immunology. As graduation nears, many programs also include a practicum, where you will get the chance to use your newly acquired skills under the supervision of licensed medical professionals and instructors in a real healthcare setting.

The medical sciences offer careers that evolve rapidly, creating exciting opportunities for learning and advancement, but only for professionals who stay informed. To help you achieve your goals, the ASCP requires 36 Continuing Education Units every 3 years for a medical technician. Continuing education for medical technicians is available both online and at technical schools across Ohio. There are also symposiums, conventions and other events given by medical product companies and healthcare organizations that may count toward your points. Contact the ASCP for more detailed guidelines.

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