Midwife Salary in Ohio

Midwife Salary in Ohio - OH

Ohio Midwife Salary

Midwives are well compensated for their years of professional education. The average midwife salary in Ohio is an impressive $90,000.

Nationwide, a large percentage of nurse midwives work in hospitals.  Among the medical facilities where Ohio’s midwives can aspire to practice are Akron City Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic, as well as the state’s university and mercy hospitals. Hospitals tend to hire certified nurse-midwives, so those with the higher levels of training will probably find more positions to apply for.   Jobs with the title ‘certified nurse midwife’ show slightly higher salaries on Indeed.com, and prospective midwifes should realize that direct entry midwives are often found in private practice or working for small birthing centers.

There also exist regional differences in salary. The following are averages for Ohio’s major metropolitan areas, listed in descending order:

  • Cincinnati $82,000
  • Dayton $82,000
  • Cincinnati $82,000
  • Toledo $79,000
  • Akron $64,000

The job requirements may ultimately matter more than the location. Akron’s Summa Health System is but one example of an employer with a recent job posting for an experienced nurse-midwife.  There job duties include overseeing others as well as performing customary duties and putting in time on call. Positions vary greatly in both required experience level and job duties.  A competent and caring midwife, though, can expect a solid career for a lifetime.

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