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Ohio Healthcare Informatics Salary - OH

Nurse informatics is such a new and growing field that it doesn’t have an occupational outlook for the profession with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).    The closest profession to nurse informatics according to Bureau Labor Statistics is computer systems analyst.  Computer systems analyst relates to those who use information technology to run their business or use it to increase productivity of their business.   Those in this occupation are hands on with the technology, designing and implementing, which is part of what those in nurse informatics do.  When looking over the 2008 salary statistics for computer systems analyst, the national average was $75,500.

In Ohio, the average annual salary was $74,400.  However, the occupational informational network lists the profession as informatics nurse specialist, which puts the national median hourly wage as $36.30 and the national median salary as $75,500.  It also projects that in the next 8 years the profession will grow at least 20%, which in turn creates more jobs and more opportunities.

Ohio Nursing Informatics Salary by City

Columbus  $65,000
Cleveland  $67,000
Cincinnati  $63,000
Toledo  $69,000
Akron  $54,000
Dayton  $64,000
Canton  $58,000
Parma  $66,000
Youngstown  $55,000
Lorain  $63,000


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