Physical Therapy Pay in Ohio - OH

The average annual Ohio physical therapist salary is $74,700, which is slightly above the national mean of $74,400.  Other Midwestern States such as Illinois ($80,300), Indiana ($70,100), Michigan ($75,200), and Wisconsin ($70,500) have comparable mean salaries, but naturally higher wages can be seen in higher population metropolis areas.  A list of the major areas in Ohio with the most physical therapists can be seen below, along with the mean annual salaries for each. 

Certain sub-industry sectors also have higher mean salaries.  For instance, nationally most physical therapists work in health practitioner offices and hospitals and make on average $74,000 per year.  However, physical therapists working in home health care services make $82,000 per year and therapists working in consulting, management, or school instruction make about $83,000 per year.

  • Akron:  $80,000
  • Canton-Massillon:  $82,000
  • Cincinnati-Middletown:  $76,000
  • Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor:  $81,000
  • Columbus:  $79,000
  • Dayton:  $77,000
  • Toledo:  $84,000
  • Youngstown-Warren-Boardman OH-PA:  $74,000


Ohio Physical Therapy Association (OPTA) and American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

Professional physical therapists, as well as students interested in the field, should visit and register with the OPTA and the APTA.  Information about continuing education, student mentors, special interest groups, and special events in Ohio’s six districts can all be found at these websites. 

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