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Ohio Radiology Tech Job Outlook

Ohio is just below the national average for radiology techs in the US. This, however, is offset somewhat by the lower cost of living in the state. Moreover, health care workers in Ohio have the opportunity to work in one of the country’s most progressive health care states. Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus are a few of the leading health care research and development hubs in North America and especially in the Mid-West.

Ohio Radiology Tech Salary Estimates (2010)

The average Ohio radiology tech salary is lucrative. Average salaries for the nation and in the state as of 2009 are as follows:

  • US National Average $47,000
  • Ohio Radiology Tech low: $45,000 – high: $50,000

Additional related positions include:

  • Limited X-Ray Tech - $38,000
  • Diagnostic Radiological Tech - $50,000
  • Imaging Technologist - $59,000

Ohio Regional X Ray Tech Salaries

The below information includes the Ohio radiology tech salary by major city.

  • Akron Radiology Tech: $36,000
  • Canton Radiology Tech: $38,000
  • Cincinnati Radiology Tech: $40,000
  • Cleveland Radiology Tech: $43,000
  • Columbus Radiology Tech: $42,000
  • Dayton Radiology Tech: $41,000
  • Lorain Radiology Tech: $40,000
  • Springfield Radiology Tech: $41,000
  • Toledo Radiology Tech: $44,000
  • Youngstown Radiology Tech: $36,000

*Based on estimates from Indeed.com

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