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Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Oklahoma - OK

Average cardiac sonographer salaries in Oklahoma run slightly below the national average, although a survey of salaries in the largest Oklahoma cities on reveals that average salaries range from $50,000 in Broken Arrow to $55,000 in Norman, Edmond, Enid, and Stillwater. Norman and Edmond are considered to be a part of the Oklahoma City greater metropolitan area, while Enid and Stillwater are outside the metropolitan areas of both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, which is the second largest city in the state.

Salaries are dependent on many factors including the educational background and previous experience or additional certifications a potential employee may hold. Cardiac sonographers can add to their earnings by working overtime or being on-call. These extra hours outside a normal workday typically pay a higher hourly rate. Due to the expected demand for cardiac sonographers in the coming years, employers may offer benefits such as signing bonuses, tuition assistance, and loan forgiveness for students who agree to work at their facility for a minimum number of years.

There are many potential employers in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma City is the largest city in the state and is home to several hospital and critical care facilities. INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center and Saint Anthony’s Hospital are both located in Oklahoma City, as is the University of Oklahoma teaching and children’s hospital. Tulsa is home to Saint Francis Hospital and the Oklahoma State University Medical Center. A state-of-the-art facility for cardiovascular care and other specialties opened in Norman in 2009.

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