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Gerontology Degrees in Oklahoma - OK

According to the Oklahoma Senior Journal, each day 10,000 baby boomers hit the age of 50. During the past decade, 78 million people reached age 50. This segment of the American population spends $2 trillion or more in the U.S. economy. There are a variety of options for careers that fall under the heading of gerontologist, so when pursuing a gerontology degree in Oklahoma there are many choices to consider. One school in Oklahoma offers a bachelor or master degree in Human Development & Family Science with a specialization in Gerontology. Other schools offer a minor in Gerontology along with any major.

Training for gerontology careers can be found in-person and online, through distance learning programs offered by online universities. Depending upon the degree you choose, your program will consist of classroom courses and field experience. Some of the courses you are likely to encounter in a gerontology program, regardless of the discipline, will focus on the mental, emotional and physical changes associated with aging. Especially in medical fields such as nursing, practical experience is welcome and necessary to test the skills and knowledge you are learning in the classroom. Often, you will be tested on such knowledge prior to graduation and/or prior to being allowed to accept a job in gerontology within the state of Oklahoma.

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