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Oklahoma Gerontologist Salaries - OK

The gerontologist salary in Oklahoma is multi-fold, as there are many positions which fall under the gerontology umbrella. The average weekly wage for those holding any position within the state of Oklahoma is $550 to $699, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That translates into an average annual salary range of $28,600 to $36,348. For the variety of positions that fall in the gerontology category, as you can see from the numbers below, salaries vary greatly. Usually this is due to the amount of education necessary to hold a particular job.

This salary data, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows what one can expect to earn in Oklahoma as a geriatric specialist:

Home Health Aide:  $19,480
Recreational Therapist:  $33,990
Occupational Therapist:  $35,820
Property and Community Association Managers:  $37,580
Mental Health Counselors:  $41,360
Social and Community Service Managers:  $41,780
Clinical Psychologist: $48,860
Registered Nurse:  $52,380
Social Scientists:  $67,890
Psychologists:  $74,140
Psychiatrists:  $158,380
Physicians:  $159,260

According to the Oklahoma Health Care Industry Workforce, in 2004, health care was the second largest employing industry in Oklahoma, providing 198,636 jobs (representing 14% of the state’s total employment). By 2012, the same organization says, Oklahoma will employ 43,000 RNs and LPNs, representing a 22 % increase from 2004. It is clear that there is much job growth expected within Oklahoma for those who want to study gerontology.

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