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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Oklahoma - OK

It is common for professionals who specialize in the field of Lactation Consulting to begin their career in the healthcare system in a different area and transition in to the field of Lactation Consulting.  For example, it isn’t unusual for a consultant to have dual responsibilities, especially in a hospital where they may perform patient care during the labor and delivery and then switch into their role as the Lactation Consultant to assist the new mother in breastfeeding her newborn.  The average Lactation Consultant Salary in Oklahoma reflects this dual responsibility and a person cross trained in areas of healthcare will benefit monetarily.

The salaries for Lactation Consultants in Oklahoma vary according to geographical location and specific employment details. As with any profession, the more experience you have in the work force and the higher the level of education you obtain directly influences your desirability as an employee and your level of pay.  Average salaries for this profession in Oklahoma are lower than the national average but this is balanced by the relatively low cost of living. The average annual salaries for the major metropolitan areas in the state are as follows:

Tulsa, Oklahoma - $65,000
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - $52,000
Norman, Oklahoma - $34,000

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