Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Oklahoma

Medical Billing & Coding Salary in Oklahoma - OK

Oklahoma medical billing and coding salary data shows that average yearly earnings of a medical billing and coding specialist are $36,000.  Your education plays an important role in determining your salary level.  When you are picking and choosing from schools to attend, you should always try to make sure that the school you choose is accredited. If the school is not accredited, it does not mean that you will not be able to work in this profession; however, it does mean that your education may appear to be second-rate and insufficient to some potential employers. This is one of the greatest reasons for making sure that your school holds accreditation.

Because you know that Oklahoma does not have a state licensure requirement and you recognize the importance of making yourself stand out against others in your field, you next need to learn about certifications available from the American Academy of Professional Coders, or the AAPC.

CareerTotal EmploymentAnnual Median Wage
Medical Secretaries and Administrative Assistants10,500$32,080
2019 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2018-28 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics,

After you have completed your education, the AAPC will allow you to take the test to become a Certified Professional Coder, or CPC. Then, you will be allowed to use this title after your name and essentially let others in the healthcare field know that you are recognized by the AAPC as valuable and knowledgeable in the medical billing and coding field.

Not all employers make the CPC certification a requirement for employment, but many of them do. To many employers, this designation is seen as a sign of dedication to the profession as a whole and proof of your ability to work accurately and will usually play a role in determining the medical billing salary in Oklahoma that a potential employer offers.


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