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Midwifery School in Oklahoma - OK

Today’s midwives are highly trained professionals who work in cooperation with doctors and surgeons. There are two main kinds of midwifery courses in Oklahoma: The first are post-baccalaureate study programs, which are generally offered through nursing colleges.  The second are courses geared toward those interested in direct entry midwifery.

Midwifery programs prepare practitioners to assist mothers at all stages of the birth process, from prenatal to postpartum. Programs for nurse-midwives go further in that they also teach candidates to act in the capacity of a highly trained nurse in providing primary care services to women. 

Selecting a program depends on assessing one’s education level as well as goals. Nurse-midwives ultimately earn good wages, but they must generally invest in six or more years of post-secondary education.  If one already has a BA in nursing, only two additional years is required, and if one has a degree in some other field, they may gain admittance to a three year program that combines nursing and midwife training.  Direct entry midwifery, by contrast, recognizes that education comes from life experience as well as formal education. If one is not college-educated, and does not have the time or money to begin the process from the beginning, this may be the best option.

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