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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in Oklahoma - OK

While the state of Oklahoma does not regulate or require any specific degrees in order to qualify to work as a nuclear medicine technologist, having a degree will increase your chances of being hired by employers in various medical facilities. Depending upon which of the nuclear medicine technologist schools in Oklahoma you choose, you could graduate with either a certificate (which takes an average of one year to complete), an associate degree (two years) or a bachelor degree (four years).

A nuclear medicine technology training program will consist of coursework and clinical experience that will eventually culminate in an associate or bachelor degree, depending upon the school chosen. Typical high school preparation includes courses in math and science. Coursework one can expect to find in a college nuclear medicine technology training program includes radiation biology, physical sciences and computer science. Clinical experience is vital to most nuclear medicine technology training programs, and may account for 500 to 8000 hours. Typical length of schooling ranges from two to four years, depending upon the program chosen and degree one will receive. Upon graduation, students will be eligible to sit for the NMTCB certification exam and then qualify to work in hospitals, imaging clinics, and physician’s offices.

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