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Oklahoma Healthcare Informatics Salary - OK

Nursing informatics is a new and growing field, so there is limited information on salaries.  Also many different setting have different titles for this position, which can make it hard to find up to date salary information.  If you break the profession down, it can be seen as nursing and computer system technology combined.

First, looking at nursing, you must be a registered nurse to even have the nurse informatics credential from the American Nurses Credential Center.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses on average make $51,880 a year in Oklahoma.  Now with the additional experience and education needed to get the nurse informatics credential, salary will increase.  Next looking at the computer systems portion, the profession (according to Bureau of Labor Statistics), computer systems analyst, makes on average $64,840 per year in Oklahoma.  Computer systems analyst is very similar to nurse informatics in the skills, knowledge, and day-to-day tasks.  Computer systems analyst is part of what is done daily in nurse informatics, the only difference is those working in nurse informatics are health care providers and work with technology used in healthcare. According to indeed.com, the average Oklahoma nursing informatics salary is $83,000.

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