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Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in Oklahoma - OK

Oklahoma Personal Trainers’ Salaries

As with most careers, the longer you have been in the industry the more you can expect to earn. If you work at a gym, the wage can range anywhere from $8.00 an hour to $35.00 an hour. If you are working as an in-home trainer, you set the hourly rates. Research what other trainers in your area are charging; they can vary from $25 to over $50 per hour. According to www.indeed.com, the average Oklahoma personal trainer salary is $54,000. That makes this a lucrative profession in this state. In Oklahoma City personal trainers make $51,000 on average and in Tulsa the average is $46,000.

Decide Where You Want to Work

Do you want to start your own business or work for a gym or a corporation? It can be easier to build a list of personal clients if you're employed at an successful gym than it is to open your own space. However, when you work for a gym, you often only make 30 percent of what the client pays — the gym gets the rest. Also, most gyms only pay trainers when they are at work with clients, so many trainers end up putting in a lot of time at the gym in order to sell their services to members.

If starting your own training business seems overwhelming, and working for a gym isn't appealing, consider in-home training. It's a great option for trainers who want to keep their fees but who can't afford to buy a facility. Clients who want to work out at home will pay for that convenience, so trainers can often charge above the standard rate. In-home clients may have their own equipment or often have access to an apartment, condo, or subdivision association gym. If not, you can bring easily-transportable balls, resistance band, and light weights to the home.

There are some drawbacks to in-home training. You’ll spend time and money driving to each person's home and you’ll have to handle all of the business details including billing, marketing, scheduling and buying equipment. However, since you set your own fees, you have the option of charging more to cover your time and extra costs, Another option is to take clients at an area gym while building your in-home business. New trainers must be willing to take clients whenever and wherever to help build their reputations.

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