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How to Become a Physical Therapist Assistant in Oklahoma – OK

The first step is to earn a high school diploma. All of the general education that you gain in high school will prepare you for success in the college level courses that you must take to become a physical therapy assistant. As a high school student you should also look for an opportunity to volunteer in a clinical setting or even the athletics department. This experience will help you determine if this is the right next step for you.

Oklahoma recognizes national certifications in order to gain a license. When selecting an Oklahoma physical therapy assistant training program to attend you should keep in mind the fact that it must be accredited by the Commission on Physical Therapy Assistant Education.

The coursework for a future physical therapy assistant is 2 years in length and will culminate with the award of an associate’s degree. This education is required in the state of Oklahoma in order to be a licensed professional. Oklahoma does not allow any unlicensed professionals to work in the capacity of physical therapy assistants. As an excellent student you will have the best chance to gain entrance into the competitive and highly demanded physical therapy assistant profession. The education you gain as you work towards an associate’s degree in physical therapy assisting should include an in-depth study of science and math as well as professional ethics and English. All of the general education requirements, though not specifically related to your chosen profession, are very important in helping you to be a well-rounded and marketable individual.

Clinical experience will be required concurrently with your studies. You should be able to balance the multiple tasks of classes, study and the clinical work. In the state of Oklahoma you are required 800 contact hours where you put to practice the skills and information you learn in the classroom. This, hands-on portion of your educational pathway is very important and should be taken seriously as it will best prepare you to work within your chosen profession. Clinical work time will also allow you the experience to be immersed in several different work settings and with various professionals. You will have the chance to network with potential employers and future co-workers, so you should always look to conduct yourself in a professional and ethical manner.

The national examination for physical therapy assistants is the test these aspiring professionals are required to take in order to be granted a license in Oklahoma. Once you have passed the national physical therapy assistant examination you can then file an application for licensing in the state of Oklahoma as a physical therapist assistant. You must complete and pass an Oklahoma law examination, called a jurisprudence examination to file an application for licensing as a physical therapy assistant. 


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