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Xray Tech Salary in Oklahoma – OK

An Oklahoma-specific job search at the end of 2009, listed a majority of positions offering salaries of $40,000. The median annual income, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for Radiologic Technologists is $52,210.00. Salary.com lists the median Oklahoma radiology tech salary for the following major cities as:

  • Altus Radiology Tech - $36,822 (at 25th percentile) and $44,079 (75th percentile)
  • Oklahoma City Radiology Tech - $39,173 (at 25th percentile) and $46,892 (75th percentile)
  • Tulsa Radiology Tech – $40, 176 (at 25th percentile) and $48,093 (75th percentile)
  • Lawton Radiology Tech – $37,898 (at 25th percentile) and $45,366 (75th percentile)

Indeed.com lists average salaries as follows:

  • Altus - $50,000
  • Oklahoma City - $46,000
  • Tulsa - $47,000
  • Lawton - $50,000
  • Norman - $53,000
  • Statewide - $55,000

Increased experience and specialization allows earning a higher salary, which in Oklahoma, at end of 2009, appears to range from $48,000 – 77,000.00. For instance, a hospital heart center might require the services of a Technologist with the ability to perform Cardiac Catheterization procedures, providing radiograph images during the procedure to assist the heart surgeon. Different levels (e.g. I, I, III) also exist, as well as possible promotion to chief radiologist, Operation Manager, etc.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also lists medical and diagnostic laboratories as the industry with the highest technologist employment at $56,260 annually. Scientific Research and Development Services, listed as the highest paying industry, comes in at a mean annual salary of $63,580.00. The Bureau also predicts, by 2016, that the Radiologic Technologist profession will number 226,000, up from 196,000 in 2006.

Hospitals will continue to be the main employers of most radiologic technologists, even during this growth period, but increasing numbers of doctors’ offices and imaging centers have begun to hire RA’s. The latter facilities also can expect much growth by 2016 given the increase in outpatient care. The greatest employment opportunities exist for technologists with experience in two, or more, imaging procedures—especially in the areas of CT and MRI—since this allows employers to save costs.

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