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RN Salary in Oklahoma - OK

Oklahoma Registered Nurses Salaries

Nursing in Oklahoma may pay up to 10 percent lower than in other states. Balance that against the lower cost of living in Oklahoma relative to other states, however. Also, be aware that continuing to earn a master’s or doctorate degree, taking on administrative or supervisory roles, teaching or otherwise specializing in a high-demand nursing occupation can also lead to higher salaries.

Below are some average RN salaries in cities in Oklahoma from indeed.com

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma RN salary: $62,000
Tulsa, Oklahoma RN salary: $56,000
Norman, Oklahoma RN salary: $63,000
Lawton, Oklahoma RN salary: $60,000
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma RN salary: $56,000
Edmond, Oklahoma RN salary: $64,000
Midwest City, Oklahoma RN salary: $62,000
Enid, Oklahoma RN salary: $54,000

For comparison’s sake, here are average salaries for nurse practitioners in the same cities.

Oklahoma City: $76,000
Tulsa: $69,000
Norman: $77,000
Lawton: $73,000
Broken Arrow: $69,000
Edmond: $78,000
Midwest City: $76,000
Enid: $66,000

Oklahoma Organizations for Registered Nurses

Oklahoma Nurses Association (ONA)
This community of Oklahoma nurses from all branches addresses nurse-related topics in the state and, with its parent organization, the American Nurses Association, nationwide. The group advocates for nurse-related healthcare legislation, provides resources and continuing education credits for nurses and offers information for consumers and practitioners alike.

Oklahoma Nurses Association
6414 North Santa Fe Suite A 
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Oklahoma Nursing Student Association (ONSA)
A member of the National Student Nurse Association, this group provides future nurses with information and opportunities to practice their leadership and networking skills before finishing school.

Oklahoma Nursing Student Association

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