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Sonography Salary in Oklahoma - OK

If you have an interest in the science, the medical field and helping others, consider becoming an ultrasound technician in Oklahoma. Ultrasound technicians use sophisticated equipment for imaging of the internal body parts to assist in diagnosis and treatment of patients. There is a world of opportunity available for the aspiring professional in this field. Do you want a rewarding career that gives you the chance to be of service to others while earning a great income? Why not get started right away?

According to payscale.com, ultrasound technicians in Oklahoma are making an average income of $44,855 yearly. This is right out of school! Imagine the possibilities after years of experience. Of course, whom you work for, your education and whether or not you have a specialty or additional credentials will have an impact on your earnings. Oklahoma is bursting with employment opportunities for ultrasound technicians statewide. The largest number of jobs and the best pay is in Oklahoma City (citytowninfo.com).

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