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Personal training courses in Ontario are designed to help personal trainers become qualified to assess a client’s health condition and implement a structured personal training plan that will help the client to achieve his or her weight goals. Essentially this helps to ward off some of the most life-threatening health conditions caused by excessive weight.

Remember that personal training licensure is not required in Ontario. As a result of this, most personal training schools offer both online and campus-based courses leading to either a bachelor or master degree in sports exercise. Therefore, becoming a personal trainer in Ontario would require 4-6 years of college education and between 24 to 48 semester hours, depending on which degree option you choose.

In general, degree requirements for personal training programs in Ontario include classes like:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Therapy
  • Psychophysiology of Sport and Health
  • Sport Psychology I, II, and III
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Applied Sport Psychology: Theory and Research

Although dedication to physical activity has grown in Ontario over the last several years, it is still relatively suboptimal with just 40% of female and 45% of male adolescents participating in some form of routine physical activity. As Ontario residents age, however, these percentages appear to drop significantly. Perhaps the age group affected most by this is the 65-and-older bracket. Of Ontario residents within this age bracket, 63% of females and 48% of males report not being physically active on a regular basis.

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