Physical Therapy Salaries in Ontario - ON

Physical therapy is a field requiring graduate training beyond a basic four-year degree. To even be able to enter the field, one needs a minimum of a master degree in physical therapy or clinical science. The salary for a physical therapist in Ontario is commensurate with these years of advanced training. The average physical therapist salary in Ontario, according to payscale.ca, is C$62,265 per year. The site also reports a pay range between C$44,360 and C$85,847 for this position. As physical therapy is a field with a variety of career possibilities, salaries may differ depending upon one’s education, job title, years of experience, and the area of Ontario in which one works.

Ontario is in need of physical therapists. Currently on indeed.ca, there are 25 available positions across Ontario for individuals with physical therapy training. Some of these career opportunities include:

  • Physiotherapist – University Health Network, Greater Sudbury
  • Restorative Rehab Coordinator - Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT, Burlington
  • Physical Therapist – Fraser Health, Mississauga
  • Physical Therapist, Brain Injury, Community Rehab – CyberCoders, Mississauga
  • Physiotherapist – Anthroplace, Inc., Windsor
  • Physiotherapist – Rouge Valley Health System, Pickering
  • Physiotherapist - triOS College Business Technology Healthcare, Windsor
  • Therapist/Clinical Team Leader – Pine River Institute, Shelburne
  • Physical Therapist – Alberta Health Services, Windsor
  • Physiotherapist – The People Bank, Windsor
  • Physical Therapist – Company Not Specified, Oakville
  • Physiotherapist - AIMCO Staffing Solutions, Windsor

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