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Gerontology Degrees in Oregon - OR

If you’re looking to earn a gerontology degree in Oregon, you should start by researching colleges and online programs in your area. Campus-based schools and universities offer a more traditional education, while online schools are quickly becoming the norm for those entering the profession, with their flexibility, and wide range of educational options.

A gerontology education comes in many forms; depending on what level of education you need to pursue for your chosen career, you may find yourself going through a several-month-long program to earn a gerontology certification, working towards an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, or perhaps going for an entirely different degree all-together, but one that includes several elements of a standard gerontology program.

Assuming, however, that you’re working towards a gerontology degree in Oregon, you find yourself beginning a varied and interesting curriculum. You’ll study liberal arts classes, like math, science, and literature, to begin a well rounded education. You’ll then move on and begin learning about the effects of ageing on the body, nutritional, physical, and mental needs specific to us as we age, and social and societal factors that you’ll need to be aware of when treating and interacting with elderly patients.

Depending on the career you’ve chosen, and the length of your program, you’ll study certain aspects in greater detail. If you’re going to be giving direct care, you’ll probably spend some four years working towards a bachelor’s degree, really learning about how ageing affects the body, and interning for six months to a year. If you’re hoping to work in a more administrative or policy-oriented role, then you’ll study more about sociology, law, and public management, as they relate to a gerontology-focused career.

Graduates of gerontology programs in Oregon go on to do all sorts of things. You might counsel people about how to care for their dementia or Alzheimer’s stricken parents at the Salem Hospital, or monitor elderly patients nutritional and care needs at the Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Gerontology is a fast growing career in Oregon, and upon your graduation, you will have a lot of control over where, how, and in what capacity, you work.

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