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Oregon Gerontologist Salaries - OR

A gerontologist salary in Oregon can take many shapes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a gerontologist’s salary can range from around $15,000 to over $115,000 a year.  This is due to gerontology being merely a general term to refer to anyone working with the elderly. It includes everyone from the person monitoring the nutrition of older patients at Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center, to the people in charge of running and coordinating the entire geriatric program at the Oregon Health & Science University Hospital.

Geriatric Nurse Practitioners make pretty near the average for the career, and so we can use them for a good baseline to see how salaries fluctuate throughout Oregon:

  • Portland - $87,000
  • Eugene - $84,000
  • Gresham - $81,000
  • Salem - $76,000

As can be expected, higher levels of education lead to higher salaries. A social worker in Oregon, who goes to school for two to four years, might make around $60,000, while a psychologist who studies for far longer and specializes in gerontology might make almost $110,000.

A lesser, though still worth considering factor, is the type of facility you choose to work at. According to the BLS, the best-paid places for gerontologist to work at are larger hospitals, governmental facilities. The lowest include elderly care facilities and vocational rehabilitation centers, while, those employed at private practices, and by individual families, make somewhere in the middle.

The population is ageing, and now is probably the best time to get into gerontology that we will see in our lifetime. Over the next decade, job growth will rapidly accelerate, and if you begin your education soon, you’ll graduate in Oregon and be well poised to pick and choose the best jobs for you.

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