Healthcare Administration Salary in Oregon - OR

Healthcare Administration Salary in Oregon - OR

The healthcare administrator profession is highly respected and can be very lucrative.  The usual degree required to enter healthcare management positions is a master’s; however, applicants with a bachelor’s degree, work experience in healthcare, as well as strong business and management skills, can expect a very favorable outlook. 

To gain an idea of the average healthcare administration salary in Oregon, we have listed some of the reported median salaries for the larger cities in the state.

Portland, Oregon - $69,000
Salem, Oregon - $66,000
Eugene, Oregon - $71,000
Gresham, Oregon - $69,000

Healthcare is big business in Oregon and the responsibilities that an administrator carries in exchange for these high salaries can be demanding.  There are often hundreds of employees under the direction of healthcare administrators.  In addition, the administrator’s responsibilities include the planning, directing, coordinating and supervision of the Oregon healthcare delivery system.  The position normally requires long hours and the possibility of being called in after hours to handle a crisis.  A person interested in this career should be able to work well under pressure and respond calmly in a crisis.  There are many people that look to healthcare administrators for direction, which makes leadership skills a real plus when coupled with the ability to communicate clearly and exercise diplomatically when needed.

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