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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Oregon - OR

Oregon advocates breastfeeding. Oregon’s landmark workplace breastfeeding law for nursing mothers, which was an initiative of the Oregon Women’s Health and Wellness Alliance and the Oregon Nursing Mother’s Counsel, is the model for the breastfeeding provision in the new federal healthcare reform. Under Oregon’s ruling, which became effective January 1, 2008, companies with 25 or more employees (which includes approximately 70 percent of Oregon’s workers) must provide private space and time every four hours for nursing mothers who request a place to express milk for their newborns up to 18 months of age while they are at work.

As a state that strongly advocates the benefits of breastfeeding for babies during their early months, certified lactation consultants have a wide variety of employment opportunities in Oregon. Major medical facilities such as Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center, Oregon Health & Science University Hospital, Sacred Heart Medical Center and Salem Hospital, as well as medical facilities in smaller areas and in private practice, offer opportunities to provide counsel and education to nursing mothers.

Across the state, the average salary for lactation consultants in Oregon is $76,000, according to While salaries vary according to each individual’s credentials and training, as well the specific institution and location, on average, salaries for lactation consultants in Oregon are:

Oregon: $76,000/yr
Portland: $67,000/yr
Salem: $64,000/yr
Eugene: $69,000/yr
Gresham: $68,000/yr

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