How to Become a Medical Assistant in Oregon – OR

Becoming a medical office assistant can take varied paths. At the current time Oregon does not require certification but most states are expected to move towards this requirement as it will enable more qualified individuals the ability to advance further within this profession. Gaining a medical assistant certification will ultimately make you a more marketable prospective employee as you seek to gain employment in this profession. Medical office assistants can be certified or registered (CMA or RMA) through different educational paths combined with on-the-job experience.

Taking the time to develop an appropriate educational pathway as a high school student will help you to prepare for a career as a medical assistant. A high school education loaded with health and science courses as well as office skills will put you on the best track towards meeting your goals. As a high school student or recent graduate, volunteering within a health care institution will help you to gain practical experience, as well as network with potential employers and contacts for your future. While there are many correct pathways to take, the following is a listing of the most comprehensive approach towards being a medical assistant.

  1. Choose among Oregon medical assistant programs for your formal education. It is always important to do your research and understand what educational programs are best as you look into the profession of medical assisting.
  2. Make a plan to decide what sort of designation you would like to have as a medical assistant. Different formal training can include a short (one year) course to become a medical assistant or a 2-year associates degree program in medical assisting. As well, you can gain designation as a certified or registered medical assistant depending on the amount of time you are hoping to spend on education and training.
  3. Courses in a formal medical assistant training program will include those in health, biological sciences and the clerical duties of the medical assistant. It is important before beginning training that you are already proficient with a computer at least in typing and database skills. Flexibility is key since you will have many roles both in direct and indirect contact with patients and other medical staff members.
  4. Clinical hours are incredibly important in the process of training to become a medical assistant. 160 credits of hands-on training are required through the majority of formal training programs. Working closely with medical facilities in Oregon and your specific region of the state will also help to provide you with experience that cannot be learned in a textbook or classroom. Hands-on training allows you to be immersed in the profession, giving you the ability to put the knowledge and skills to use in a practical setting.
  5. Once you have completed the appropriate medical assistant program in Oregon, you will then be eligible to apply for the chance to take the certification examination.

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