Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Oregon

Medical Billing & Coding Salary in Oregon - OR

A 2009 survey done by the Office of Oregon Health Policy and Research found that Oregon was significantly ahead of national electronic health record adoption rates. Accordingly, about 48.3% of clinicians reported using a basic EHR system, compared with just 20.5% nationally. In addition, about 32.2% of clinicians reported the use of a fully-functional EHR system, compared with 6.3% nationally. Without specification as to what type of EHR system was being used, about 65.5% of clinicians in Oregon reported having some type of electronic health record system in their practice. The reason that this is significant is that medical coders and billers must be able to learn how to use these new systems so that their job can be done more efficiently and effectively.

At this time, the average annual medical billing and coding salary in Oregon is $34,970. However, it is important to keep in mind the effect of the electronic medical record. Coders or billers who can manipulate with these systems with ease are going to be the most highly sought after, and it would not be surprising if their salaries were higher than others in their field.

Below you find some average salaries from various cities across Oregon:

  • Bend: $31,650
  • Corvallis: $31,520
  • Eugene: $35,060
  • Medford: $31,770
  • Portland: $38,270
  • Salem: $30,490
  • Linn County: $35,030

Annual salary figures are courtesy of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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