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Medical Management Degree in Oregon – OR

Medical office management degrees in Oregon have various titles and offer numerous job possibilities. As you do your research, you might notice the Medical Office Management degree is not the only choice. Instead, what you may find are degrees in administration, business, public health, and healthcare in general that also qualify you for a management position. Most employers in Oregon primarily want to know that you are qualified to carry out your job functions. There are several degree options that could potentially prepare you for a medical office management job in Oregon. Master's degrees or higher in business or healthcare fields will typically prepare you for many high level management careers in Oregon, while undergraduate and associate’s are appropriate for mid-level management and lower.

For example, a BS in Healthcare Administration Management is typically a four-year program that will train you in general business skills, plus prepares you to work specifically in healthcare. This degree gives you the specialized expertise you need to work with people, and resources such as equipment and sophisticated technology. Some of the coursework includes training in the following areas:

  • Health policy
  • HR management in healthcare
  • Health Information Systems
  • Legal issues and HIPPA rules
  • Organizational leadership and communication
  • Technical skills
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