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Medical Office Manager Salary in Oregon – OR

The job prospects are bright for anyone entering the medical industry in Oregon. Oregon has many excellent healthcare employers like Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center, Oregon Health & Science University Hospital, and Sacred Heart Medical. These facilities, along with many other medical offices and clinics, need applicants for future work. The Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute reported, “Oregon is facing a major health care workforce shortage.  The growth and aging of our population contribute to this crisis, creating the need for an estimated 60,000 additional health care workers by 2016.�?  This expansion of the workforce also means a strong need for managers. reports the following hourly wages for entry-level medical office management positions across Oregon:

  • Medical Office:  $18.70 per hour
  • Physician's Office:  $18.97 per hour
  • Healthcare:   $19.07 per hour
  • Chiropractic Medicine:  $17.36 per hour
  • Physical Therapy:  $18.19 per hour

As you continue to increase your expertise and education in this industry, you increase your chances of securing raises, promotions, and higher positions. Your career as a medical office manger in Oregon can turn into an administrative position in a major hospital or a large clinic. Once you reach this level of responsibility, you are likely to see an annual income of at least $100,000.

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