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Oregon Medical Technician Education and Degrees

Medical Technicians in Oregon are required to have obtained an associate degree through online or campus based Oregon Medical Technician training programs. This is due to the fact that those who are certified must meet the requirement of an associate level degree. Follow the steps below to become a professional Medical Technician in the state of Oregon.

  1. Those who are in high school should consider taking upper level science classes.
  2. Before moving on to the next step, an individual might consider taking a volunteer position in a laboratory or other type of medical setting to assess their level of comfort in the setting and become familiar with medical jargon.
  3. Those who have complete high school need to enroll in Medical Technician program offered by an accredited institution. The institution should offer a degree at the minimum of an associate level. This degree should include a practicum or clinical rotation of some sort.
  4. Complete the courses in the Medical Technician Program with grades of “C�? or higher in order to qualify for acceptance of an associate degree. This course work will involve upper level science classes as well as information on medical terminology. Those who excel in science and mathematics will tend to do well in these courses.
  5. Those who wish to work in the management area as a Medical Technician should consider further developing their education in this are by going on to earn a bachelor level degree or higher from an accredited institute of higher learning.

Information provided by the State of Oregon Medical Board.

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