Midwife Salary in Oregon - OR

Midwives' Salaries in Oregon - OR

Oregon Midwife Salary

Midwives are not doctors, but they have positions that require a good deal of training as well as professional judgment; more so than in many allied health care positions.  Salaries ultimately reflect this high level of education.  Indeed.com lists an average midwife salary of $93,000, though this figure may be slightly above the actual regional average.  Prospective job seekers should know that many of these positions are for nurse-midwives who have a master’s level degree on top of nursing school.  Nurse-midwives are more likely to be hired by traditional medical centers like Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center, Salem Hospital, Oregon Health & Science University Hospital, or Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Average salary varies some by region.  According to Indeed.com, the city of Portland weighs in at $83,000, as does Gresham, while the college town of Eugene is listed at $90,000.   Salem lists a somewhat lower $79,000.  These averages reflect current job postings.

Oregon midwifes will also be glad to know that many states have similar licensing requirements and thus reciprcocity. 

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