Midwifery Programs in Oregon

Midwifery School in Oregon - OR

Midwifery is a demanding career, but a very rewarding one.  Midwives are best known for their role in assisting at childbirth, but they also provide prenatal and postpartum support. Some midwives, specifically nurse-midwives, provide healthcare to women at other stages of life.

Those interested in midwifery in Oregon should know that there are many types of certification.  Some of Oregon’s midwives are nurse-midwives who have a good deal of formal education including college-level training as nurses, and masters level education in midwifery. 

Others are licensed direct entry midwives who may have less formal education but have specialized training in maternal and infant care.  Still other practitioners are unlicensed.  Modern midwives in Oregon, like midwives of centuries past, can assist in childbirth without formal certification.  They are, however, much more limited in their duties.

Interested in midwifery courses in Oregon?  The first step is to decide on your career goals.  How much time and money are you able to invest in a career change?  How much autonomy and job growth potential do you seek?  There are a number of programs available in Oregon including various online schools.
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