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How to Become an MRI Technician in Oregon

Portland is home to the largest medical facilities and universities such as Oregon Health & Science University Hospital and Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center. Springfield has McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center, as well Sacred Heart Medical Center. Hospitals and other care facilities generate over fourteen million dollars annually. Oregon is also one of the stricter states for registration and compliance, which means employers place high value on education and technology training.

Clinical experience and testing will require specific knowledge of and actual performance of imaging procedures on several areas of the body. Key procedures will be completed hundreds of times before graduation and certification. Work-study programs at specialized care centers will focus on certain image areas, while larger facilities will give students the opportunity to work on a broader range of MRI techniques.

Junior and Senior Technicians will examine medical records, communicate with patients and document all procedures with pertinent data. In smaller facilities, technicians, and tech-assistants, will also be responsible for care and preparation of the examine room. Before delivering the images to a senior radiologist or physician, MRI technician training prepares graduates to evaluate images for quality, accuracy, optimal image collection and proper patient identification.

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