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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in Oregon - OR

Anyone who wants to work in nuclear medicine technology in the state of Oregon must be licensed beginning July 1, 2010. State licensing involves first receiving credentials from the ARRT or NMTCB, which requires graduation from one of many nuclear medicine technologist schools in Oregon. Both organizations require a minimum number of hours of coursework specific to nuclear medicine technology as well as a specific number of hours of clinical competency requirements.

Programs that train students in nuclear medicine technology may last one year, resulting in a certificate; two years, resulting in an associate degree; or four years, culminating in a bachelor degree. Course topics one can expect in a nuclear medicine technology program include the use of radiopharmaceuticals, biological effects of radiation exposure, patient care, and computer applications. Clinical experience is a very important part of any nuclear medicine technology program, and may amount to as much as 8000 hours of one’s education. Competency skills taught and tested in a clinical environment include CPR, venipuncture, using a PET, using a dose calibrator, patient care activities, and quality control, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. After graduation from a nuclear medicine technology school, students may take a credentialing exam, then to apply for state licensure in Oregon.

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