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Oregon Healthcare Informatics Salary - OR

Salaries for healthcare and nursing informatics specialists vary depending on education, experience, and geographical location.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov), the national median annual wage for those at the higher end of the scale were professionals with certifications or advanced degrees such as nursing informatics specialists and registered nurses.  Their national median annual salary in 2008 was $62,450 (bls.gov).  The national median yearly salary for health information technicians, who typically occupy the low end of the wage scale, was $30,610 in 2008.

The bureau’s salary numbers for Oregon indicate these specialties fare better there as compared to the national averages.  Using this same occupational breakdown, Oregon health information technicians earned a median yearly salary of $33,560 in 2008; the state’s registered nurses earned $71,210 annually (bls.gov).  Current statistics from the popular job search site indeed.com indicate even higher earnings for both specialties.  Oregon nursing informatics salary statistics (indeed.com) from four of the state’s largest cities are:

  • $78,000 - Ashland
  • $78,000 - Eugene
  • $70,000 - Portland
  • $70,000 – Salem

Data on Oregon healthcare technician positions from these same four cities indicate salaries are (indeed.com):

  • $52,000 - Ashland
  • $53,000 - Eugene
  • $47,000 - Portland
  • $47,000 - Salem

Such a wide disparity in salaries affirms the value of certifications and advanced degrees.  Positioned near the top of the wage scale, registered nurses and informatics professionals earn approximately 48% more than healthcare technicians, who usually lack the rigorous educational background.

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