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Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in Oregon - OR

Salaries for Personal Trainers in Oregon

The statewide average annual salary for personal trainers in Oregon is listed as $54,000.   Keep in mind that what this job may lack in salary, it makes up for in flexibility.  Personal trainers can work full or part time, mornings, evenings, weekends or weekdays.  Self-employed trainers can contract with health clubs, work in their own or their client’s home, train outdoors, or even online.

Salary variation in cities throughout Oregon include:

Beaverton, Oregon Personal Trainer Salary: $47,000
Bend, Oregon Personal Trainer Salary: $50,000
Eugene, Oregon Personal Trainer Salary: $52,000
Portland, Oregon Personal Trainer Salary: $47,000

Continuing Education Requirements for Personal Trainers in Oregon

The level and type of certification dictates the number of CE hours personal trainers in Oregon must have to re-certify, and when certification must be renewed.  Personal trainer certifications are typically valid for 2-4 years.  CE hours are offered by many local and national fitness organizations on a variety of topics, in locations throughout the state and country.  Conferences can provide opportunities for personal trainers to complete their CE hours in 2 to 3 day stretches, while online webinars will count toward one to two hours.  Certifying agencies will often list CE opportunities, and personal trainers are able to take advantage of them at their leisure according to their own schedule and interest in the many topics covered.

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