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Pharmacy Technician Schools in Oregon - OR

According to the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, there are 5,022 active licenses for Certified Oregon Pharmacy Technicians, and 1,035 active licenses for Pharmacy Technicians in the state of Oregon. Pharmacy Technicians in Oregon earn higher than average salaries compared to the nationwide average of $28,500 per year.  In Oregon, pharmacy technician schools offering fully accredited programs are available either online or at a number of campus locations in the western part of the state.

The outlook for opportunities as a pharmacy technician is good. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the expected rate of increase of positions in this field is estimated to be 32% through 2016.

In the state of Oregon, the pharmacy technician to pharmacist ratio is 2:1. Meaning, that for every two pharmacy technicians working there must be one licensed pharmacist on staff to oversee their work.

Continuing Education/Licensure Renewal

Pharmacy Technicians must be certified through a national organization (PTCB or ICPT) to apply for Oregon licensing. In order to renew a state license in Oregon, the national certification must be kept up to date as well.

One hour of continuing education for Oregon in Pharmacy Law every year is required to renew Oregon Certified Pharmacy Technician license. The pharmacy technician must also maintain their national certification. National certification requires 20 hours of continuing education every two years with a stipulation that at least one hour of the 20 needs to be in pharmacy law.

The deadline for license renewal with the state of Oregon is September 30th of each year. In addition to the renewal application, the applicant must also provide proof of continuing education requirements and an updated background check. Renewal information should be mailed to each individual with an active license. However, if the renewal information is not received by mail, the pharmacy technician should contact the Oregon State Board of Pharmacy directly. 
The ICPT requires recertification every two years. 20 hours of continuing education is required with at least one hour in pharmacy law. The pharmacy technician is responsible for keeping appropriate records of continuing education and may be audited by the ICPT.

The PTCB also requires recertification every two years with 20 hours on continuing education required.

Both the ICPT and the PTCB also offer the option to have the certification reinstated. This is for pharmacy technicians who did not recertify prior to their certificate expiration date. If the certification was revoked, the pharmacy technician is not eligible for reinstatement.

Both organizations have deadlines for recertification and reinstatement. Please see each individual organization for their requirements, as well as fee schedule for certification, recertification, and reinstatement.

The pharmacist is responsible for providing and maintaining on the job training records for each pharmacy technician. On the job training may or may not qualify for continuing education credits. It is up to the pharmacy technician to ensure that the education requirements for license renewal and for national recertification have been met.

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Pharmacy Techs in Portland, Salem, Eugene and Gresham, Oregon may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center, Oregon Health & Science University Hospital, Sacred Heart Medical Center and Salem Hospital.
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