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How to Become a Physical Therapist Assistant in Oregon – OR

Step #1: State Licensure in Oregon
In Oregon, you will need to apply for a physical therapist assistant license after completing an online or campus based training proram: Physical Therapist Licensing Board. Through this board, you will find everything you need to initially apply for a state license, as well as information on renewing your PTA license.

The rules and regulations determined by the Board are devised to ensure the proper fit of all candidates choosing physical therapy as their profession. The Board lays out very detailed instructions in regards to what will be required from each student before a license can be issued.

All of the numbered items below are part of the application for state licensure process and all these steps are expected to be completed.

  1. Oregon students must be graduates of an educational program which holds accreditation by the CAPTE of the APTA.
  2. Received certification for successful passage of the National Physical Therapy Assistant Examination (NPTAE).
  3. Prompt payment of application fee.
  4. Nationwide background check.

In the State of Oregon, you will need to pay a fee of $150 for the combination of an application fee and a background check fee. Oregon is one of the few states to require a background checks before issuing any state professional license.

The physical therapy assistant license is will expire on March 31st of each year in Oregon. When the time period on the license has lapsed, the PTA must pay a fee of $65 to have the licensed renewed. In addition, there are certain continuing educational requirements enforced by the Board prior to renewal of a state license.

Step #2: Educational Accreditation
Like most states, the State of Oregon is no exception in demanding educational accreditation. Accredited schools are extremely important in the physical therapy industry because of the standards and ethics that they commit to teaching.

The Physical Therapist Licensing Board states that all students must attend a school that has accreditation from the CAPTE of APTA, or Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) of the American Physical Therapy Association.

The value of affiliation with this organization is important to all students interested in this career field. Not only will the Board not issue a PTA license to any student educated outside the realm of an accredited school, but physical therapists also expect the school that you attend to provide sufficient education for entrance into the profession.

Step #3: Testing by the FSBPT
The next thing that you need to be informed about is the NPTAE, National Physical Therapist Assistant Examination, by the FSBPT, Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

This particular examination is used primarily as a competency test regarding the practice of physical therapy. Questions on this test can range from general physical anatomy to in-depth application of physical therapy treatment. In addition, it will cover all things learned in the educational realm and will be used as a status review for licensure eligibility.

It is inherently important that you study well for this tested. The Board in Oregon operates slightly differently in that if a student does not pass the NPTAE test, they can request additional educational credits or even a period of internship before being eligible to apply, again, for a state license.

However, after successful passage of the test, you will be labeled “certified�? by the FSBPT, eligible for furthering the state licensure process and truly identifiable as a professional in this field.

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