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Xray Tech Salary in Oregon – OR

After physicians and nurses, radiologic technologists represent the third largest group of healthcare providers. Radiologic technologists are professionals that perform diagnostic imaging procedures. Using such techniques as x-ray, computerized tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance (MRI), radiologic technologists are able to perform imaging studies that allow for accurate diagnosis of injury and illness.

Oregon is a great environment for the practice of radiologic technology. With an average Oregon radiology tech salary of $58,360 annually, Oregon boasts an average salary that is 9.6% greater than the national average. In Oregon, the majority of the approximately 2220 licensed radiologic technologists are employed by hospitals, while others are employed in physicians’ offices or diagnostic laboratories. The average Oregon radiology tech salary by major city is listed below.

  • Ashland Radiology Tech: $59,000
  • Eugene Radiology Tech: $59,000
  • Portland Radiology Tech: $53,000
  • Salem Radiology Tech: $53,000


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