Salary for a Registered Nurse in Oregon - OR

Oregon Registered Nurses Salaries

The salaries for registered nurses in Oregon are very competitive.  According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a registered nurse in Oregon will earn, on average, 9.3% more than the national average.  The average salary for a registered nurse in Oregon is $71,210, while the national average is $65,130. 

Average salaries for registered nurses are:

Oregon RN Salary: $71,210
Ashland, Oregon RN Salary: $66,000
Eugene, Oregon RN Salary: $66,000
Portland, Oregon RN Salary: $59,000
Salem, Oregon RN Salary: $60,000


RN Licensure Renewal in the State of Oregon

In Oregon, a license for a registered nurse is good for two years.  A renewal notice should be sent from the Oregon State Board of Nursing approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the expiration.  In order to renew, one must meet the practice requirements in Oregon which are having practiced 960 hours in the previous five years, have graduated from a state approved education program within the past five years, or have completed an OSBN-approved re-entry program within the past two years.  In addition, Oregon requires that the registered nurse complete a one-time pain management continuing education requirement.  More details regarding the pain management continuing education requirement are available from the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

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